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WCF Facility Photo 2019.jpg

Winfield Correctional Facility (WCF) is located in Cowley County in Southcentral Kansas. The facility is located on the North side of the city of Winfield at the site of the former Winfield State Hospital and Training Center. WCF houses adult male residents (inmates) and serves a reentry function designed to provide a smooth transition from an institutional setting to the community for residents expected to be paroled in the near future. 

In January 2022, a medium unit will open on-site and has been designed to serve several functions. It will house medium security residents, geriatric residents, and long-term care residents. There will be a section focused on caring for residents with dementia as well as a program for residents to earn their CNA.

Wichita Work Release Facility (WWRF) is located in Sedgwick County in downtown Wichita. WWRF provides selected residents with the opportunity for community reintegration prior to their actual release from custody. Residents are housed in the highly structured residential setting and are expected to become gainfully employed on a full-time basis in the community.

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